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This and That

May 19th, 2019 at 07:42 pm

I just did my accounting for the weekend, and I had a relatively frugal weekend. The only spending was on the free-ish plants, lunch with my friend (the leftovers gave me enough for two more meals), grocery shopping, and some shopping for seeds/plants.

I also did accounting for my SE job since some payments posted this morning. If all goes as expected, it looks like I will take home $500 more this month than last month.


I'm having a friend over for dinner this evening. This is the second time I've hosted someone in my new house, and it makes me happy each time to do so. For three years prior to that, I lived in a dingy apartment with almost no light, and I rarely had people over. Mostly, my friends who had more space were the ones who hosted. Now I want them to come over - I have the space to entertain. I also have another couple of friends coming over this weekend. However, I did not want to cook on a weeknight - I almost considered ordering in. Then, sound fiscal judgement prevailed and I went grocery shopping. Menu for today is fairly simple since it's dinner on a weeknight:
* Cucumber, Carrot, Sesame Salad
* Tofu/Veg Stir-fry w. Rice

My friend is bringing dessert.


Immediately after I bought my house, I impulse shopped a lot of garden things. One of the things was two hydrangeas. I wanted hydrangea bushes in my front yard, and was at Walmart and saw bareroot pink hydrangeas. $5.97 each. I bought two. Impulsively. Without doing my research. I am an idiot!

I planted both. One died. The other is struggling. For some reason, it took me this long to research what kind they were. It turns out they are tree hydrangeas. GRRR. That's not what I wanted. I wanted the bushy kind. So, now I will have to dig this out and put in the right kind. $11.98 wasted. Do your research folks...

Someone on a local gardening group was giving away bamboo stakes. I got about 2 dozen of odd sizes. I used the tallest ones to make supports for my beans. I also made a trellis for my snap peas with them. I still have about 10-ish left that I might use to support other plants. I love free garden things. :-)

My honeysuckle died - I think it went into shock since we had two weeks of really hot days right after I planted it. So, I dug that out. However, my sweet peas are thriving, so I transplanted half of them to the honeysuckle trellis. My friend who is coming to dinner tonight gave me the sweet peas as a housewarming present. She'll be glad to see how well they're growing. I should have an abundance of fragrant flowers later this summer. I want to be the kind of grownup that has cut flowers in her home every day. Growing my own flowers will help me do that frugally.


Over the weekend, I got my annual statement for my retirement account from work. There was a loss of $834.48 this past year. I still have a little more than last year in the account due to the meager contributions that were made this year. But, looks like they invested in the wrong things. This is the first year since I have been vested that the retirement account shows a loss. So, it's not that bad, I guess.

3 Responses to “This and That”

  1. Petunia 100 Says:


    I have trouble keeping my plants healthy, too. But it sounds like you know what to do for them.

    What sort of retirement account do you have? Is it a pension? "...looks like they invested the in the wrong things" makes me think it is not an account over which you control decisions.

  2. Fire and I Says:

    Hi Petunia. I have both a pension and a 403(b) retirement account that is invested by my employer. When I started working, I had no idea about retirement things, and decided to go with the employer-invested rather than a self-investing option. It's not something that can be changed once picked, unfortunately. I'm a state employee, and they invest for all the people who picked that option. So, I just sit back and get (or lose) whatever happens that year. When I go into SE full time, I will pick more wisely.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    I'd advise you go to the library and get out books on gardening on three subjects, fruit trees, vegetables, and flowers, and also if you have an interest in herbs (both cooking and medicinal). I grow most of my herbs and some flowers and herbs that make tea, and also do some tinctures and syrups that are medicinal. It is enjoyable and it is a lot of fun. If you want some specific book recommendations for anything, I have plenty. Also, before you get chickens read up on keeping them. There are some very good books on keeping chickens.

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