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Cashback and A Gift

June 10th, 2019 at 09:21 am

I bought a leaf blower on Amazon - $66.52. It was $89.95 at the local home depot. So glad I checked online for comparison.

My realtor texted me the other day and thanked me for referring a friend to her. She's amazing and I would refer everyone to her. Anyway, she said she wanted to thank me and get me a gift card and where would I like a gift card for? I said it wasn't necessary, but she insisted, and I said I was buying plants for my backyard, so a garden center or another place where I can buy plants would be very useful. So she came by yesterday and we chatted and she gave me the card which I did not look at until later. My mortgage company had sent me a $5 Starbucks gift card for referring the same friends. I was expecting something like that - $5-$20. When I opened the envelope, she had given me a $100 gift certificate. I could not believe it! She is such a sweetheart. So, I went and spent $40.xx of it on plants. More again next week once my flower bed is complete. I am so grateful.

Buying a house has increased my expenses. I do use credit cards and pay the balance down each month. So, I have not paid interest on a credit card in the last year since I paid down all my consumer debt (the last remaining debt is on a 0% APR till the end of the year). But, what I do get is rewards points. I redeemed some for a $50 Amazon card which will come in the mail next week. I wish they'd just send me the gift certificate code instead of mailing a card. I wish I had done this last week and spent it on the leaf blower. But, I will continue to have several purchases to make on Amazon, so it will get used up soon enough.

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