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Small Updates

August 28th, 2019 at 10:26 pm

I returned late this evening from the Midwest. My dad is still in hospital, but will likely be discharged tomorrow. I returned home with a great sense of relief. When I left home, I had just been told that there was a high likelihood that he would die. I took my passport with me in case I had to fly home with his body. I didn't know how long I would be gone. I am back 9 days later. Thank God!

I also came home to a couple of nice surprises. The first was a very belated housewarming present from someone I know - a set of dishcloths, and a framed photo. The second was quite unexpected. It was a check for $91.94 from a class action settlement that I did not know that I was part of. A few weeks ago, my friend received a check and told me about it. The gas station chain BP was in a class action settlement for some undisclosed debit fee charges in Oregon and has been sending these checks to people who purchased gas in one of their ARCO gas stations in the state of Oregon. Had he not told me about it, I would have thought that it was weird that I got a check from a lawsuit that I did not know anything about. But, it was a good surprise to come home to. It's a nice big sum too.

My total costs for the trip were $899.46. Of that, $782.77 was travel/transport, and the rest was all food. The nice surprise check will go some way in alleviating the burden on next month's budget.

I also came home to a note that my mortgage servicing company is changing. GRRR. I know this happens a lot with mortgages. But, it is really inconvenient to keep making new accounts and setting up or cancelling auto-pays. Minor inconvenience, really. But, an inconvenience nonetheless.

For the most part, things here have survived. Much of my garden is on an automatic watering system. A friend came over to water the rest. My houseplants also mostly survived. I think my nerve plant, and a purple shield may have died. I watered them as soon as I got home. We'll see if they can be revived. Some lettuce and some herbs are looking like they may go to seed any time. I will prune them tomorrow or the day after. The first thing I did when I got home was to go into the garden and pick all my ripe cherry tomatoes - I have tons!

Here are the things that I am doing to celebrate my father's recovery and my sense of relief:

(1) Get a massage on Friday - I had to reschedule a massage anyway since I had gone out of town. But 9 days of sleeping on a hospital couch in my father's room and waking up every hour in the middle of the night when the nurses came to check on him while he was in ICU was brutal on my back and on my body.

(2) I bought myself a couple of pairs of pants and a couple of shoes that I wanted. I did need to buy these things anyway. But, they feel extra nice now because I can now allow myself to care about these things. For the past 10 days, everything other than Dad's life seemed so trivial.

(3) Not being at work, I lost track of days and only just realized that Monday is actually a holiday. It feels like a totally unexpected holiday!!!! I will go for a nice day trip somewhere.

(4) The second week of September, I had planned on taking a weekend break and going to the coast. I had budgeted for this already. I could change these plans and allocate that money elsewhere in my already tight budget for next month. But, I won't. I will go and enjoy myself and take pictures and send them to my father and tell him that I will go to those places with him the next time he comes to visit. He loves lighthouses, and I will take him on a tour of all the lighthouses on the Oregon Coast. I just want him to be alive and well, and to be able to see him again.

3 Responses to “Small Updates”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Such wonderful news about your father. I am so glad for you.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Glad the news on your father is good. You are a good person to go and stay with him. Before you think, why wouldn't I, think of all the older adults who are so lonely because their kids can't be bothered.

    Enjoy the well deserved massage!

  3. GoodLiving Says:

    Good to hear that things are going well for your Father.

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