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This and That

September 9th, 2019 at 10:52 am

Life has been so busy lately, and I have not had the chance to write to read all of your blogs.

Work things are going fine - it's getting really really busy both at my regular job as the summer comes to an end, as well as at my SE job. I turned away a client today because I have no more room till October for new people. I think I'll be able to net $3000 in my SE job this month after taxes and expenses. This is my last month working full time at my regular job. So, I think September will be my largest income for a few months while I build up more clients in the SE job.

I got a thingy in the mail for Key Bank - $400 to open a checking account. Needs a $500 deposit within the first 60 days, and no other requirements as far as I can tell. It does have an account maintenance fee, but that can be waived by maintaining a $500 balance. I'm thinking I might apply for that, and then close it after 6 months. Closing it sooner than that earns an early termination penalty.

I applied for the Equifax Settlement since my data was compromised. I also am glad I am systematic about things because I have the receipts and things from when I froze my credit immediately after.

I temporarily unfroze my credit at the beginning of 2019 when I started to look for houses. I had them all set to freeze again on 10/1/2019, so my goal for this month is to run all three reports and to check to see if there has been any unusual activity before they all get frozen again.

It has been cool and rainy here this past week. This means that some of my plants are starting to get moldy. I took out some plants this weekend. My tomatoes still have plenty of green tomatoes, but I am out there each morning harvesting any that are ripening. I took out my peas, and the sweetmeat squash that gave me ZERO squashes, and dug that garden bed over. I also added a bunch of dry leaves and half my compost barrel into it and mixed it all in. My harms hurt after that! But, it is ready for the winter. The leaves will finish composting, and then in the spring, I will add some composted chicken or steer manure to it, and it will be ready for another season. I have two other garden beds, and once I have taken the tomatoes, peppers, beans, and lettuce out, I will similarly prepare them for winter. I think I might plant some kale and cauliflower for winter crops in one of those beds.

Eating has been good off-and-on. I am eating mostly low-carb although there certainly have been days when I don't. Also, while I am eating low-carb, I don't think it's very low-calorie. :-( More fine-tuning to happen. But, my blood glucose numbers are better than they were last month. I also have been doing some physical activity most days this month, and plan to keep doing that. Today is square dancing (every Monday for 1.25 hours)

I also restarted doing my daily self-care practice. I don't know why I ever stop doing it, because I do get out of the habit every so often. Basically, I create a monthly calendar with one item of self-care each day. The goal is to complete the activity for the day no matter what. Some things I have already done this month are: go for a walk by the river, gave myself a pedicure, a face mask, had coffee with a friend, had brunch with another friend, wrote in my journal. Today's was to not be on my phone while I was on the bus. I looked out of the window and did some deep breathing instead. It was wonderful.

I'm counting days to this weekend when I go away on my mini-vacation. I have been waiting for a couple of months for this break. Since I work on Saturdays for my SE job, on the occasions when I get a 2-day weekend, I am ecstatic!

Off to catch up on other blogs now...

3 Responses to “This and That”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    You have kept yourself quite busy! Sounds like your garden has afforded your some good eats. Our tomatoes are starting to slow down quite a bit, but there are quite a few green ones still on the vines. Last fall and winter after DH had pulled up all the tomato plants, I added used coffee grounds to the soil and he worked it in. I did that all through the spring. I don't know if it improved the tomatoes, but it sure didn't hurt and it was a way to use my coffee grounds too without throwing them out.

    One year we had an early frost and I picked a bunch of the green tomatoes that I didn't think would ever ripen. I looked up a recipe to make green tomato relish. A friend liked it so much, he said they ate it like Salsa.

  2. fireandi Says:

    Rob, adding coffee grounds to the soil is a good idea, and probably will enrich the soil with nitrogen. I love green tomatoes too - that relish sounds delicious. I was thinking of making some salsa, but I might try to make this relish too.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I guess the Amish call it green tomato chow chow instead of relish. I thought of that after I had responded to your blog.

    I like using something like coffee grounds simply bedcasue I like reusing stuff instead of pitching it in the garbage.

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